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ROB DINEEN - Associate Developer

Having secured an HND in Computer Science at Portsmouth University Rob worked in both the reprographic and investment banking industries but his heart has always been in data. In his spare time he was self-teaching SQL server concepts and on achieving sufficient Microsoft certifications in Database Administration and Development he achieved his ambition of moving into the word of IT. In his role at the British Institute of Facilities Management as SQL Server Database Administrator and Developer he was responsible for CRM, Sage and IBM COGNOS 10 servers, and became expert in developing databases, routines and procedures to support management and project reports, KPIs and Dashboards. Rob has that rare ability to understand and interpret the requirements of the less IT-literate, turn them into technical reality and explain them in language we can all understand.

Rob’s sporting career has followed a parallel path. While he’s flirted with football and toyed with tennis, he’s been playing snooker since he was tall enough to reach across the table and, although his pro dream is sadly fading, his goal of owning a full-size table in a house big enough to accommodate it, is alive and well.














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