Two Circles was appointed to help a thriving mass participation race series understand how to step up to the next level in a growing but competitive market.


The problems we encountered were fairly typical of what we might see in any client. Inefficient processes, little handle on customer data and ineffective customer management systems.

We used our experience of best practice outside of sport as well as inside it to devise a strategy for the future which impacted on the whole attitude to customer relationship management. The goal is to shift the mindset from a once- or twice-a-year experience to a year-long relationship. This has already involved new processes and some new products. It may yet include a new system, although for now we’re working with an upgraded single view of each customer.


It’s a little early to say, but the signs are promising. We’ll keep you posted! We’d also like to say a big thank-you to our friend Helen Williams for allowing us to use this photo to help us keep the identity of our client confidential for now.

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