We are delighted that our client BSC Young Boys (YB) has been recognised at the 2017 Schweizer Dialogmarketing Preis (SDV Award), one of Switzerland’s most prestigious marketing awards, where their personalised end of season campaign was shortlisted in the ‘Creative Use of Data’ category.

Two Circles has been working with the club for two years, helping YB deepen its understanding of fan preferences and behaviour. A data driven approach has enabled YB to connect previously fragmented fan-touchpoints and integrate them into a holistic marketing strategy.

Improved segmentation and targeting capabilities have unlocked potential for expansion and innovation in the club’s fan engagement initiatives and ultimately facilitated personalised 1:1 communication.

YB’s end of season campaign invited 61,286 fans to reminisce and reflect on their stadium matchday experience throughout the in the year 2016 season, reminding them of the number of games they attended, the amount of wins, shots on goal and goals scored they witnessed and even pointing out as well as the size of crowds number of fans they shared the experience with in the stadium.

In shortlisting YB and Two Circles’ joint award-entry the jury has was recognised for the forward-thinking approach that YB have taken to driving engagement through tailored communications and highly personalised campaigns.

We are proud when our clients’ achievements are recognised and it is brilliant to see sports rights holders leverage the understanding and intimate bond they share with their fan base to add value to the fan experience on matchday and beyond.

For further information on YB’s end of season campaign and to find an overview of other submissions click here.

To read the release in German, please click here.


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