Two Circles was founded on 1st September 2011. Back then there were just three of us. Our aim was to build the new kind of sports marketing agency, one which truly put customers first and which could be completely accountable when proving the value it brought to its clients. We knew this was possible through data. Hence Data Driven Sport.

Since then, we’ve worked on exciting projects with a variety of clients – almost all of whom, we are really proud to say, we continue to work with day-in and day-out: professional sports clubs, governing bodies, leagues, federations, charities, events, bidding cities and even sports media networks. One thing that will stay the same is that our current clients always come first.

Now our team has grown: see for yourself. We come from all around the globe and have a range of backgrounds and expertise. Many of us hadn’t worked in sports marketing before we joined Two Circles. But then, marketing is a bit different these days – it’s as much about the maths men as the mad men. We believe that our balance of analytical and creative thinkers combined with our passion for sport is what makes us so well-suited to a landscape being redefined by data.

We are strategists. We are thinkers. We are story-tellers, detectives, technologists. We are practical people, for a commercial, digital world. We are problem-solvers.

The main thing we all have in common – and what inspires us for the work we do – is that we have sport in our hearts and customers on our brains. The business of sport is embracing the value of data and seeing the results. As sports fans ourselves, we understand that there is a place for emotion and instinct, but believe that good insight should guide sound commercial decision making.

We have recently been honoured to achieve the most coveted award for sports agencies in the UK for the second time, the BT Sport Industry Agency of the Year Award. While we’re proud of what we’ve achieved, we’re much more excited about the future, within which the development of consumer purchase behaviour will change beyond measure in an increasingly digital landscape. We see this as an opportunity not a threat for sport.

Bring it on.

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