Ascot digs into customer data to double hospitality revenues

Ascot Racecourse, founded in 1711, is a British institution and home to Royal Ascot, one of UK sport’s flagship summer events.

Ascot has been a client of Two Circles since 2013 and currently works across a range of projects to drive growth across eventday and sponsorship revenue streams.

As part of its ‘Data-Driven Business’ feature series, SportBusiness International looked at how, from 2014, Two Circles helped Ascot instigate a new data-driven strategy to stimulate growth in its hospitality business.

This saw a reinvention of Ascot’s fine-dining product offering, and marketing and sales strategy, that resulted in hospitality revenue growth of 97% and fine-dining occupancy rates increasing to 98%.

“We could see fine-dining hospitality had real potential to grow at a faster rate than it had been doing and we knew the impact that a data-led approach had had on other areas of the business – particularly ticketing – so it made sense to apply the same principles here too,” said Juliet Slot, Chief Commercial Officer at Ascot.

Access the full SportBusiness International article or read our in-depth article entitled What You Need to Build a Thriving Hospitality Business.

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