Behind the Scenes of the Two Circles Academy


Tomorrow, the next generation of industry talent will gather at our London headquarters for ‘Try-Outs’ day – the annual event where shortlisted candidates for our September graduate intake get a taste of life at Two Circles.

Try-Outs this year involve a mix of presentations covering our recent work, ‘speed-dating’ with a cross-section of the Two Circles team, structured-thinking exercises and one-to-one interviews – with a game of basketball thrown in for good measure.

Successful candidates will join the Two Circles team – who include the 21 Two Circlers who joined as part of the 2017 intake (pictured below with our CEO Gareth Balch) – as part of the Two Circles Academy, our learning and on-boarding programme.

Comprised of workshops and applied learning, our Academy intake will learn about the world of sport business, data-driven marketing, and what it takes to become a Two Circler – and start working with some of the best sports organisations in the world in the process.

In Numbers: Our 2018 Intake

Our graduate intake process has evolved significantly since it launched last year – so in true Two Circles-style, we’ve used a data-driven approach to illustrate how we’ve got both bigger and better for 2018:

100 hours spent blind-screening applications to remove any unconscious bias

63% increase in applications year-on-year (2018 vs 2017)

40 members of the Two Circles team involved in 2018 Try-Outs day

35 ‘Get to Know You’ Skype interviews conducted by five different Two Circlers

5 different continents applications received from.

Are you interested in joining Two Circles on our mission to change the game for sports marketing?

Find out more about the Two Circles Academy.

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