Engaging grassroots with personalised player communications

Digital Sport took a look at how sports governing bodies can drive participation, and engage with their audiences, using data-driven, personalised digital communications around amateur performances, featuring a case study on our work with the DBU (Danish Football Association).

In the ‘Season in Numbers’ campaign, sent at the end of 2017, the DBU used a range of performance data to create personalised e-mails that reminded players of their biggest win of the season, longest winning streak, how many goals they saw scored and the number of wins they celebrated – in addition to a range of other, more quirky statistics.

Find out more in the full article: How the Danish Football Association is channeling Strava to engage with grassroots

Kristian Gotsch, our EMEA Client Services Director, also discussed the project with leading Danish journalist Peter Brüchmann on the Mediano sports business podcast on January 14:

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