Audience insight uncovers sponsor opportunities for eventing

Research conducted by Two Circles around the eventing audience in Britain has unveiled huge opportunities for brands as British Eventing enters into “a new commercial era”, according to Chief Executive David Holmes.

The research – which saw Two Circles analyse over 850,000 pieces of audience data, including ticket purchasers and digital users – has created the most comprehensive market study ever of the eventing audience. Its full findings were made public today in a report entitled ‘A Commercial Content Guide to Eventing in the UK‘.

Now, as part of its new five-year commercial strategy, British Eventing is using this deep understanding of its audience to showcase the unique value its events, which include hosting two of the world’s three Grand Slam events, and media platforms can offer brands looking to target both international and domestic markets.

“Brands are increasingly demanding an in-depth understanding of their target audience when making sponsorship decisions,” said British Eventing Chief Executive David Holmes. “We are entering a new commercial era where we are looking to demonstrate greater value to our current partners and open up the sport to new brands; brands that are seeking new and unique content options targeted to a relevant audience, which makes this research – and its findings – critical.”

Jake Jones, Lead Consultant at Two Circles, added: “Eventing is a classic example of a sport that has a huge amount of hidden assets waiting to be uncovered. Now, armed with this new data-driven understanding of its audience, we are confident British Eventing is in a position to develop genuinely outstanding and measurable commercial opportunities for major brands.”

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